Mastering Business Excellence Series

Increase your Profits, Hire your Dream Team,
and Impress Your Customers
While Reducing Frustration and Overwhelm

Session 2: Hiring for Success

Building Your Dream Team

🌟 Are you ready to transform your hiring process and build your dream team?🌟

Join us for our upcoming session, “Hiring for Success: Building Your Dream Team”—a key part of the Mastering Business Excellence Series.

📅 Date: May 16th 🕒 Time: 5 pm 📍 Location: Portland Chamber of Commerce

In just one hour, we’ll dive deep into:

✅ Defining Your Dream Team
✅ Attracting Your Perfect Candidate
✅ Conduct Impactful Interviews
✅ Onboarding for Success
✅ How to use AI to Enhance and Ease the Hiring Process

Whether you’re looking to fill a vacancy or planning for future growth, this session will equip you with the tools and insights to attract, select, and retain the best talent for your business.

👉 Spots are limited! Secure your seat today and take the first step towards assembling a top-notch team that will drive your business forward!

I'm Here to Help

CHRIS MOORE, Business Coach

After working with hundreds of small businesses, I’ve seen just how challenging it can be to grow a successful company. You started with a passion and a dream, but now you’re drowning in problems. How to get your first customers? How to get new customers? Rising costs. Employee headaches. Competition. Ever-changing business landscape. I’ve seen it and I understand it. The struggle is real.

But it’s not insurmountable. The reason you struggle in your business isn’t because you aren’t smart enough or strong enough or young/old enough. It’s not because you’re not enough. It’s simply because you haven’t been given the solutions to your problems, the proven strategies to overcome each of your challenges and thrive as a small business owner.

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